CHINA IN FAIRY LAND: HUGE HOTELS, PROPERTY SPECULATORS & MASS TOURISM IN A REMOTE CORNER OF TIBET THE BACKSTORY BEHIND THE HOTEL CONSTRUCTION BOOM IN LHASA 2011   Gabriel Lafitte 2002   This is a story about the biggest tourism destination in Tibet, bigger than the holy city of Lhasa, even though few Tibetans know […]

Wachstum und Luxus auf dem Dach der Welt – Das boomende Hotelgewerbe

Wachstum und Luxus auf dem Dach der Welt – Das boomende Hotelgewerbe Gabriel Lafitte Bedenkt man, dass die sog. Autonome Region Tibet (TAR) auch im Jahr 2010 weitgehend abgeriegelt war und die Lage nach wie vor angespannt ist, dann hat die weltweite Luxus-Hotel-Industrie einen merkwürdigen Zeitpunkt gewählt, um den Bau großer Hotelanlagen in Lhasa anzukündigen. […]

Last Days of Empire

IMPERIAL ARROGANCE CREATES ITS OWN DOWNFALL Reflections on a visit to Vienna at the invitation of SaveTibet, and a talk given at Universitet fur Bodenkultur, 11 April 2011, by Gabriel Lafitte Here in Vienna, as always, the situation is critical but not yet serious. On the surface all is well, the heurigen (wine bars) do […]

Restoring Sustainability to Tibet

HOW THE TIBETAN PLATEAU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE IMPROVEMENT A briefing to European Union Directorate-General on Environment, and EU Directorate-General on Climate, 4 April 2011 By Gabriel Lafitte www.rukor.org, editor@www.rukor.org +613 407 840 333 TIBET: HEART OF EURASIA Environmental impacts do not respect national boundaries; they are invariably transboundary issues. Eurasia is […]

Eight Chinese myths about Tibetan nomads

WHAT COULD EUROPE DO TO HELP TIBET? A briefing by Gabriel Lafitte Presented at European Parliament Tibet Intergroup 30 March 2011 www.rukor.org, editor@rukor.org, +613 407 840 333 In a world where active, violent conflicts inevitably dominate headlines and the attention of policymakers, unresolved conflict over Tibet attracts less attention. It is a political reality of […]