Sunbeaten Path, Search for Drime Kunden

THOUGHTS ON A DHARAMSALA ‘FILMING TIBET’ FESTIVAL In the few movies made in Tibet a businessman uses his wealth for a road movie search for living exemplars of unconditional compassion, ready to give away even their own children, their own eyes, to those who demand them, and by demanding prove their neediness. In Tibetan movies […]

Copper and gold mining in Tibet

THE GOLDEN VISION OF TIBET’S COPPER- COLOURED MOUNTAINS IN CHINA’S CENTRAL PLANS [A shorter version of this detailed analysis was published by China Dialogue on 5 September 2011] Gold and copper are at the heart of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan for Tibet. Only tourism has a similar wealth-creating potential. Like tourism, intensive exploitation of Tibet’s […]


FINDING AUTHENTIC, SKILFUL BUDDHIST RESPONSES TO THE PLANETARY DEBATE Presented to Global Buddhist Congregation, Delhi, November 2011, convened by Asoka Mission Gabriel Lafitte [DISCLAIMER: This presentation makes a case for inner transformation as the foundation for effective action in the world to deal constructively with global challenges such as climate change. The author has not […]