Chin’a innermost secret fears: in English & Traditional Chinese

On November 1 2010 repressive new regulations intruding into management of Tibetan monasteries came into force. In Kandze and Ngaba, even more prescriptive, detailed and restrictive regulations controlling all aspects of monastic life were brought into force in November 2011. In exile, these were denounced in 2010 by Kalon Tsering Phuntsok as “an evil design […]

Buddhism, Big science, Truth claims and Climate crisis

Crisis? What Environmental Crisis? Finding an Authentic, Skilful Response to the Planetary Debate presentation by Gabriel Lafitte to Global Buddhist Congregation environment panel stream, Delhi November 29 2011 The first responsibility of a Buddhist, before anything else, is to know what Buddhism is, to understand and appreciate it, in its vastness and completeness, its capacity […]


MYSTICAL PURITY OR POLITICAL ARTEFACT? Presentation by Gabriel Lafitte to “River waters: Perspectives and Challenges for Asia” conference of the Foundation for Nonviolent Alternatives, India International centre, Delhi, November 2011 +613 59623434 ABSTRACT: Potent new metaphors are forming in the ice above India: the third pole, the water tower of Asia, the engine […]


ANSWERING A LIFE MADE MEANINGLESS BY POLITICS THROUGH DELIBERATE DEATH? The meditative inner process of collapsing all categories has been interrupted. Inner discovery of the openness, clarity, sensitivity, receptivity of the heart, and its intimate connectedness to all hearts, has been violently disrupted by state power at its crudest, by technologically supercharged instruments of bodily […]