Panchen Rinpoche’s Australian Visit April May 1986

30 years ago: Panchen Rinpoche comes to Australia #1 of 2 blogs When we first heard, improbably, that the Panchen Lama was coming to Australia, we didn’t really know what to do. It was 30 years ago, early 1986, and we were a small group, calling ourselves the Tibet Information Service (TIS), based largely in just […]

Planetary climate agreement: what does it mean for Tibet?

GLOBAL AGREEMENT ON WHAT DO ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE: FUTURE IMPACTS ON TIBET #1 in a blog series of 3 Around the world, everyone was relieved that the negotiations in Paris in December 2015 finally produced agreement on what, as a planet sharing a common fate, we can do to mitigate rapid climate warming. After decades […]


CHINA’S PLAN TO SAVE TIBETANS FROM TIBET #3 in a blog series of 3 The world now has a new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At a UN session in September 2015, all governments, including China, formally adopted these SDGs as their target for improving the quality of all human lives. How do these […]