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  1. all the information on your website are very informative.
    we have lauched a new webiste nangchoe khoryug. It is trying
    to put some our thoughts in mind into pratice.

    please try to join us and let us move in direction to work and action

  2. Hi there,

    I am from Edinburgh University Tibet society,

    What powerful and analytical source of information! I am really hoping that you have some sort of contact that i could use to get in touch with yourself to further discuss the issue you are discussing here?

    Please let me know ASAP,

    Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you for your information on maternal mortality rates. Can you please tell me the source of your information? Do you have any information on pregnancy rates among the nomadic communities (particularly the Dzogchen and Legon areas, western Sichuan or Kham)?


    Don Ross, M.D.
    Seattle, WA, USA
    Co-Director, Bodhi Seeds

  4. Hii
    I am from South Asian University working on Kailash Sacred Landscape Initiative.
    I read the informative article regarding it on your website. I am hoping that u might have some contact so they i can gain more information about Tibetan perspective of the initiative.It would be really helpful.

  5. concerning your essay CHINA’S FIRST FIVE-YEAR PLAN FOR TIBET, I would like to know your source material. I find the essay interesting, however it has the 6th Dali Lama being captured in 1717 in Lhasa, when the majority of other sources have him expiring in November of 1706 in Kokonor. there is one source that says he disappeared then and later died in 1746, this an account by a mongol monk.


    Days of tending my herd on the Jhangthang* are over,
    Liberated; I am forced to beg the streets of the holy city.
    Lord Buddha may rule the hearts of men but the shadow
    Of Mao rules the courtyard and hides among the icons.

    Sacrificial bloodstains darken my cold emerald grassland;
    Where I once roamed free and proudly among the knolls
    I have long ceased to voice my sweet melancholic strains
    Unheard and carefree across my vast cold green pastures

    My sweet emerald plains wild and free, now a mud-pit,
    Dug out by greedy men from the east in search of gold
    Lies wasted, and putrefied and leaking nameless poisons
    Seep into crevices and foul the sweet tundra streams.

    Today metal trains with long silver bodies roars across it;
    Crushed into a virtual prison of limited space and time
    Huddled in cramped dark corridors of cold stone and brick
    I am broken, condemned, and privileged to living in hell.

    When will this long night of insufferable dreams end?
    My spirit soaring over the northern plains, I call home
    Challenge the winds with my untamed summer songs:
    These rusty chains that confine me fall away to the floor…

    *Northern Plains of Tibet.

    June 2007

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