Blog six in a series on Tibet in 2021                         6/8 14TH FIVE YEAR PLAN plus GOALS FOR 2035 Seeing five years ahead, immediately after a global pandemic, might seem ambitious, but China’s leaders are more ambitious than that, announcing (at the CCP Fifth Plenum in October 2020) goals for 2035. Of necessity these goals are […]


Blog seven in a series on Tibet in 2021                   7/8 CENSUS How many Tibetans are there? Tibetans in exile around the world number at most 150,000, perhaps less if we base it on the enrolment of at most 80,000 exiles registered to vote in recent exile parliamentary elections. But in Tibet, how many? For decades […]

Picking quarrels, provoking troubles?

Blog eight in a series on Tibet in 2021                     8/8 PUTTING THESE TRENDS TOGETHER: Two divergent trends for 2021 are evident, if one looks at Tibet from Beijing, not only through the eyes of the CCP but of the established elite more broadly, including the security state, and liberal academics who are increasingly discovering much […]


A blog series on grassroots village development and conservation partnerships between Tibetans and the few outsiders who deeply immerse in seeing through Tibetan eyes: featuring two women, warrior Pamela Logan and Lü  Zhi of Peking University. DOING DEVELOPMENT 2020 STYLE When China builds a huge solar panel installation in Tibet, by far the biggest in […]